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Meeting of the Revolutionary Socialists with Presidential Candidate Ahmed Tantawi in Light of the Presidential Elections

Statement by the Revolutionary Socialists

Representatives from the Revolutionary Socialists movement met with presidential candidate Ahmed Tantawi and several members of his campaign.

The movement’s representatives expressed their appreciation to Tantawi and his campaign members for his initiative to contest the presidential elections despite the crackdown and harassment he and his campaign faced.

The representatives emphasized the movement’s support for Tantawi’s right to run for the presidency, stating that this is a principled stance not subject to negotiation or compromise.

They also affirmed that the movement will use all its tools to support Tantawi’s candidacy, including efforts to help him secure the necessary endorsements. The movement pledged to exert all efforts to show solidarity with Tantawi and his campaign in facing the pressure and targeting they encountered.
During the meeting, the representatives expressed their appreciation for the role Tantawi and his campaign play, both in criticizing the political authority and the conditions resulting from the prevailing injustice and restrictions on freedom in society and in striving to unify and mobilize the opposition. This commitment encourages the Revolutionary Socialists to actively participate in the campaign’s activities and efforts to consolidate the opposition.

The representatives highlighted the importance of a unified opposition in facing the authorities in the presidential election battle. A unified opposition would earn the public’s trust and help build a realistic alternative to the current regime.

They clarified that the movement’s final stance on the presidential elections will be determined based on several factors, including the nature of the elections themselves and the extent of democracy and transparency they offer, as well as the opposition’s ability to unite or at least coordinate during the elections.