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For a Single Battle that Troubles the Dictator

Statement by the Revolutionary Socialists

This presidential election comes when the country suffers from a severe crisis, for which the dictator Sisi’s regime bears the most significant responsibility. Despite this, he arrogantly advances to run for a third term, making the near future even darker, to the point where maintaining the status quo seems like a distant dream.

The elections are approaching, and the opposition is also suffering, whether for reasons beyond its control, such as arrests, closing the public sphere, and cutting off communication with the masses, or for reasons it has agreed to under threat or enticement.

The elections are approaching, and over ten years, Sisi has managed to kill the public sphere entirely but has also destroyed his popularity. Words of rejection and complaint are on the lips of citizens in transportation, workplaces, streets, and markets—angry and resentful words but disconnected from opposition parties and despairing because they see no alternative on the horizon. This is evident in the nostalgia for anyone who sat in the presidential seat before Sisi, even those previously overthrown. In short, fear and hopelessness dominate even the thought of any protest action.

On the other hand, the elections may represent an opportunity to build natural bridges of communication with the masses. It is an opportunity to give some hope that there is an opposition capable of being an alternative to Sisi’s regime. This could be a step for the opposition beyond some agreements, which may still need to be fulfilled and will be circumvented like many announced and unannounced agreements.

We, the Revolutionary Socialists Movement, call on all opposition factions to agree on a way to make the election battle a unified battle against the regime behind Sisi. This is not out of fear of splitting the votes, as we are not deluded that the regime will hold fair elections in the first place, but to emerge from the battle with a strong opposition capable of building an alternative to the regime or at least putting its conditions on the negotiating table.

The opposition’s unity in the upcoming elections means bypassing agreements and deals and utilizing the campaign period to communicate with the masses. It means reducing the chance for the regime if it try to prevent this or that candidate from running.

This time, unity gives the opportunity for punitive voting to see an alternative that lifts it out of a state of hopelessness and prepares it for future battles, which may not be far off.
Finally, if the regime wants opposition faces in the elections, let’s try to make it a battle worth fighting.