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Month: September 2023


For a Single Battle that Troubles the Dictator

Statement by the Revolutionary Socialists This presidential election comes when the country suffers from a severe crisis, for which the dictator Sisi’s regime bears the most significant responsibility. Despite this, he arrogantly advances to run for a third term, making the near future even darker, to the point where maintaining the status quo seems like […]


Öffentlicher Aufruf für eine unabhängige revolutionäre Linke in Deutschland 

Wir haben den folgenden Aufruf von unseren deutschen Genoss:innen erhalten, die sich von marx21 getrennt haben und am 15. Oktober in Berlin eine neue revolutionär- sozialistische Organisation, Revolutionäre Linke, gründen werden: Aufruf für eine unabhängige Revolutionäre Linke Klimawandel, Inflation und Reallohnverluste, Krieg in der Ukraine, Aufstieg der faschistischen AfD: Wir leben in einer Zeit, die […]


Call for an independent revolutionary Left in Germany 

We received the following statement from our German comrades, who have split with marx21 and are founding a new revolutionary socialist organization, Revolutionary Left (Revolutionäre Linke), in Berlin on the 15th of October:   Call for an independent revolutionary Left Climate change, inflation and real wage losses, war in Ukraine, the rise of the fascist […]


In Solidarity with Tantawi’s Campaign

Statement by the Revolutionary Socialists The Revolutionary Socialists Movement expresses its full solidarity with the members of the campaign of the potential presidential candidate Ahmad Al-Tantawi against the security campaign being waged against them by the National Security Agency and the arrest of dozens from the campaign, according to human rights reports. The movement announces […]


In Solidarity with Hisham Kassem Against Security Repression

Statement by the Revolutionary Socialists The Revolutionary Socialists Movement expresses its full solidarity with the publisher “Hisham Kassem” and demands his immediate release. The movement asserts that today’s verdict, sentencing Kassem to 6 months in prison and a 20,000-pound fine in a swift trial over just three sessions, is nothing but a punitive action against […]


Meeting of the Revolutionary Socialists with Presidential Candidate Ahmed Tantawi in Light of the Presidential Elections

Statement by the Revolutionary Socialists Representatives from the Revolutionary Socialists movement met with presidential candidate Ahmed Tantawi and several members of his campaign. The movement’s representatives expressed their appreciation to Tantawi and his campaign members for his initiative to contest the presidential elections despite the crackdown and harassment he and his campaign faced. The representatives […]


Hunger Strike for Imprisoned Alaa Eladly

On August 18, 59-year-old Alaa Eladly, an Egyptian national living in Germany, was arrested at Cairo Airport. The accusation? “Spreading False News”. The military dictatorship of Abdel Fattah el Sisi is known to use such fabricated accusations against political prisoners. Over 60,000 political prisoners have been held in Egyptian jails on similar charges of “spreading […]


Hungerstrek für den inhaftierten Alaa Eladly

Am 18. August wurde der 59-jährige Alaa Eladly, ein in Deutschland lebender ägyptischer Staatsbürger, am Flughafen in Kairo verhaftet.  Der Vorwurf? “Verbreitung von Falschnachrichten”. Solche erfundenen Vorwürfe verwendet die Militärdiktatur von Abdel Fattah el Sisi stets gegen politische Gefangene. Über 60.000 politische Gefangene sitzen unter ähnlichen Vorwürfen der “Verbreitung von Falschnachrichten” oder der “Mitgliedschaft in […]