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Owned by a Leader in the Nation’s Future Party.. Workers Demand Action Over Ru’ya Contracting Company Dispute

Statement by the Revolutionary Socialists

The Heliopolis Labor Office investigated the complaints submitted by 17 workers from Ru’ya Contracting Company, affiliated with Pioneer Company.

According to a labor leader, the workers are aggrieved by the company’s management decisions to stop disbursing the annual raise for workers, as well as stopping the payment of annual profits. Additionally, the company has withdrawn medical insurance cards from the workers and has refused to pay the cost-of-living allowance since 2018.

In the session held on Monday, August 14, the representatives of the workers demanded that their complaints be referred to the labor court due to the company’s management’s failure to respond to their legitimate demands.

Notably, the company includes about 350 workers and employees distributed across three main locations: (North Coast, Katameya, and Ain Sokhna). The workers’ troubles began when the company became part of the Pioneer Group, which is active in securities and marketing and owned and chaired by businessman Walid Zaki, a prominent Nation’s Future Party member and president of the Future Sports Club. Their rights have been steadily eroded ever since.

Despite the harsh working conditions, the workers are deprived of establishing a union representing their interests.

The Revolutionary Socialists affirm their complete solidarity with the legitimate demands of the workers of Ru’ya Contracting Company, especially in light of the sharp price increase due to the failure of the ruling economic policies.

They condemn the state apparatuses’ clear bias toward businessmen, especially members of the Nation’s Future Party, which represents a new marriage between power and favoritism toward political allies.
They call on the political, union, and human rights forces to stand in solidarity with the workers of Ru’ya Contracting Company against unfair labor practices.