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Our support for the Palestinian resistance and intifada is unconditional

A steadfast people and a ferocious resistance … a single, cohesive intifada is sweeping the whole of Palestine against Zionist aggression. Heroic steadfastness in the face of Zionist pillage of land and homes in Jerusalem and the West Bank. Protests are multiplying in the towns of the occupied interior, while the resistance in Gaza is becoming increasingly fierce, launching rockets which penetrate the Iron Dome the Israeli army is so proud of. No wonder the the Zionist Prime Minister Netanyahu called it a “battle on two fronts”.

Zionist bombing is continuing against Gaza and hundreds of victims are dead and injured, while the army of occupation is threatening a land invasion. The factions of the resistance have promised to teach it a bitter lesson, however, and the Palestinian people in the occupied interior are continuing with itheir heroic steadfastness in the face of a gigantic military machine which is one of the deadliest in the world.

These epic struggles are a new episode – and a bitter one for the enemy – in a long history of heroism by the Palestinian people. The expansion of settlements cannot be separated from from looting, the retreat of mass movements in the region, and the recent wave of normalization which the Zionists thought had finished with the Palestinian cause for good. The courageous steadfastness of the Palestinian people is a slap in their faces.

The Palestinian people have never stopped resisting for a single day, continuing to demonstrate and confront the weapons of the Zionist enemy and the settlers. The armed resistance that causes terror in the hearts of the Zionists is inflicting hundreds of millions of dollars in infrastructure losses and military expenditures, the bombing of the Ashkelon-Eilat pipeline, the closure of airports, and the endless warning sirens in the cities of the occupied interior, among other things. No one has the right to impose conditions on these Palestinians nor to impose tutelage on those who pay with their blood and lives to confront an occupation based on murder and looting.

The liberation of all Palestinian soil has been the compass of the Revolutionary Socialists since the founding of their movement, and it will remain so. The goal that this compass points to can only be achieved by undermining Zionism from both inside the occupied interior, the West Bank and Gaza, and from outside, in struggle against all the client and complicit ruling classes which support the Zionist entity, including the ruling classes of the region. Every demonstration against Zionist crimes is a step in the direction of this goal, and every missile launched by the resistance against the Zionist usurpers is also a step in the same direction. This is why our support the Palestinian resistance in its various forms is unconditional.

Long live the steadfast struggle of the Palestinian people

The Revolutionary Socialists
14 May 2021