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Freedom to All Detainees… The dictator is transforming Egypt into a huge prison

The dictator al-Sisi has turned the country into a large prison in less than a week. Throughout Egypt, there are no more safe places to hide from the attacks of the jailers, who have kidnapped anyone they could lay their hands on in the squares, streets, houses, universities, and even on social media.

The regime is well aware of what it did to the lives of the Egyptians; the impoverishment, persecution, marginalization and killing of all hope for the future. It knew that the anger repressed the people’s hearts could be triggered by any call, whatever its source, ready to become the storm that would overthrow it. Today, the regime is acting in a panic because the hatred of it that has grown among the masses is now tangible and visible. It is acting out of fear of the consequences.

Once again, the regimes proves that it has nothing to offer but more than prisons, repression and prosecution for anyone who poses a threat. In a few days, it has achieved an unprecedented rate of arrests, as the number of detainees is now nearly 1,500, and counting. They were grabbed from the squares, houses, and streets of the governorates of Egypt against the backdrop of demonstrations that the regime did not even recognize and sent out its propaganda outlets to deny. The more the number of prisoners grows, the more the dictator realizes the amount of anger among the people, the more he pursues and arrests.

This hellish cycle of repression has exposed the illusions of reform and openness that the supporters of the authorities tried to promote a few weeks ago, showing that al-Sisi’s regime is nothing but the warden of a huge prison for all Egyptians.

The incredible rate of arrests, which have affected everyone without exception, only proves that hatred of this regime is increasing day by day, and what the regime is doing only will lead to more hatred. In less than a week, around 1500 families have come to have a prisoner in the regime’s jails. Tahrir Square was humiliated and violated at the hands of al-Sisi’s police forces, increasing the ranks of the regime’s haters and opponents every day.

The panic that the regime is dealing today with the calls for demonstration call comes only from the regime’ s realization of the extent of the anger that has accumulated among the masses as a result of the policies of impoverishment, marginalization and oppression. It is not just Friday that the regime fears, but the anger that has grown too strong to go away. If it does not explode tomorrow, it will explode later.

As the regime prepares to face this anger with more prison cells, the opposition forces have only to prepare for this anger with more organization and hard work among the masses. The opposition forces, all the oppressed and the persecuted, must join forces and organize their ranks to work with the masses as a united front capable of shaping their aspirations and hopes into clear demands.

Elements of these demands have already been stated by different parties, forces and platforms. Our duty today is to organize the anger into a movement capable of shaping a new reality.

Revolutionary Socialists
25 September 2019