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Dr Taher Mokhtar arrested

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Ministry of Interior forces stormed the house of Dr Taher Mokhtar, member of the Freedoms and Rights Committee of the Doctors’ Union at dawn on 14 January, arresting him along with his friend Ahmad Hassan and Hossam al-Din Hamady. They were then transferred to Abdin police station for interrogation.

Dr Ahmed Hussain, member of the Doctors’ Union, said that Taher Mokhtar and his friend were still in the custody of the National Security Agency in Abdin police station, but that the police station was refusing to admit that Taher and his friend were detained there.

He added: “We have confirmed that the two of them are being held by National Security in the police station, and a complaint will be made to the Ministry of the Interior about their enforced disappearance. Taher has no secret opinions, his views are public and well-known. Gagging critics will not make the state more secure.”