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All the support to the sacked labor leaders of Mahalla Textile Factory

Reinstate El Fayoumy, Heidar and Gad Now

We, the signatories below, announce our complete solidarity with the justified workers’ demands, especially in ending privatization and the return of the privatized factories to the public sector after winning a judiciary verdicts to do so. Also, we stand along with their right to demand the return of  production at financial-troubled factories, and to enact the law the protects the right to organize and unionize, as well as reforming the minimum and maximum wage law.

These are the demands that tens of thousands of workers have struggled for including the leading labor activist from Mahalla Textile Factory Kamal El Fayoumy. Because of his activism, El Fayoumy has been sacked on 16 April 2015 by the board of directors at the holding company together with the administration of Mahalla Textile Company, whom are the driving force for privatization and losses in the business sector.

And two other labor organizers, Nagy Heidar and Gamal Gad, were also sacked in April for the same exact reasons.

Kamal El Fayoumy is one of the strikes leaders at Mahalla Textile Factory, 20,000 workers, which played a major role in the toppling of Hosni Mubarak, starting with the 2006 and 2007 Mahalla Textile Factory workers strikes and later the 6 April 2008 Mahalla uprising. Then he mobilized with his colleagues to achieve the social justice demands of the revolution facing SCAF, the Muslim Brotherhood, and now Sisi.

The administration of the factory penalized Fayoumy and two of his colleagues, Gamal Gad and Nagy Hedar, for agitating others to strike hoping that it will silence the rest in demanding their rights and in an attempt to prevent mobilization for organizing for a strike like they had done last January to rid the company of corruption and to receive the profit shares.

The signatories demand from the Egyptian government to quickly reinstated El Fayoumy, Heirdar and Gad and to immediately stop managerial abusive practices against all leading labor activists in work places.



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