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Stand with the Palestinians: down with Israel and its regional allies

Solidarity protest in Cairo against the attack on Gaza 13 July 2014

Solidarity protest in Cairo against the attack on Gaza 13 July 2014

Statement by the Revolutionary Socialists

The Zionist occupation is continuing its practice of assaulting the rights of the Palestinian people, through its bombardment of Gaza from the air and warships. At the same time the Egyptian regime is maintaining the siege of the Strip, and has continued to keep shut the only border crossing which connects Gaza to a state other than the Zionist state.

The brutal aggression is continuing with the bombardment of the Gaza Strip, and of Palestinian families in the West Bank and the Palestinian Territories of 1948, while the rockets of all the resistance factions are continuing to fall on the majority of the occupied territories.

The picture is clear: one the one hand there is the occupation, global capitalism and the Arab regimes, while on the other there is the resistance factions in all their formations, and the Palestinian people. We all have to choose on whose side we stand.

The current campaign makes clear beyond any doubt the collusion of the Arab regimes and their blessing for the practices of the Occupation, if not by participating in the siege, then by silence and acquiescence to the conditions of the enemy. It turns out that “immediate support” [which El-Sisi promised Egypt would take to defend other Arab countries from aggression] means simply protecting reactionary and dictatorial regimes, and not defending the oppressed.

The most important and clearest lesson which confronts us all – peoples and political and revolutionary movements – that the Palestinian nation is not just a political movement, however wide its influence, and that the Zionist Occupation is engaged in a war the purpose of which is to break the back of the resistance and expand the settlements.

It is certain that we will not win the battle and liberate Jerusalem without liberating Cairo from the collaborators of imperialism and Zionism.

We know where we stand, and we will not retreat from this position, whatever political and theoretical differences we might have with the Palestinian Resistance. The resistance has our unconditional and full support, and we are with the Palestinian people in their struggle until victory or until death in the line of fire.

Today we have to organise the biggest possible campaign in solidarity with the heroic Palestinian people, with convoys and popular committees and pressure on the Egyptian regime to expel the Zionist ambassador and recall the Egyptian ambassador, and the cancellation of the QIZ economic agreement and the Camp David accords, and to stop the export of gas to Israel and before anything else the opening of the Rafah crossing to the Palestinians.

Long live the struggle of the Palestinian people!

Down with the Zionist occupation and its allies!

The Revolutionary Socialists
10 July 2014