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Month: July 2014


Entretien avec Mostafa Bassiouny: “Pour l’instant, la contre-révolution a gagné”

Entretien avec Mostafa Bassiouny, membre des Socialistes révolutionnaires, publié dans l’Hebdo L’Anticapitaliste, 24 juillet Peux-tu nous parler de la répression depuis que le général Sissi, à la tête de l’armée égyptienne, a pris le pouvoir ? Tout d’abord il y a eu le sit-in des pro-Morsi en août 2013 où 1 000 personnes, selon le régime, 2 600 […]


Army Blocks Egyptian People’s Convoy to Gaza

On 19 July 2014 about 500 activists joined a humanitarian convoy from Cairo to Gaza in order to deliver solidarity and medical aid. The People’s Convoy was organized by various political groups and independent activists including 6 of April, Revolutionary Socialists, Strong Egypt Party, Dostor Party, students from several universities, and a few workers from […]


Mahienour: Die Befreiung Palästinas beginnt mit der Befreiung Kairos

Dies ist Mahienours vierter Brief aus dem Gefängnis Die Befreiung Palästinas beginnt mit der Befreiung Kairos. Die palästinensische Sache war immer eine Trumpfkarte unter vielen in den Händen verschiedener Regimes; sei es unter Mursi, der sie in einem emotionalen Kontext eingesetzt hat ohne echte Unterstützung für die Sache zu bieten. Oder das derzeitige Regime, das […]


Sisi’s Government Lifts Fuel Subsidies

Article by Gigi Ibrahim When Anwar El Sadat attempted to lift subsidies in 1977, Egypt witnessed a two-day uprising called “the bread intifada,” where the urban poor burnt cars and hotels as a sign of rejection of policies that would favor the rich over the already struggling poor.               […]


Part 1: From the end of the revolutionary wave to preparing for a new revolution

Part one of a two-part article by Sameh Naguib There can be no doubt that we are witnessing a clear victory for the counter-revolution and confirmation of the end of the first wave of the Egyptian revolution. This does not mean, however, that the counter-revolution’s victory is final, nor does it mean that the revolutionary […]