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Solidarity activists take to the streets against Egypt’s protest law

Solidarity with #noprotestlaw campaign from London


Solidarity activists in eight cities worldwide took to the streets to challenge repression by Egypt’s military regime as part of a day of action against the protest law. Demonstrations targeted the Egyptian embassies in Buenos Aires and Athens on Thursday and Friday.

On 21 June in London, a solidarity contingent joined the 15,000 strong anti-austerity demonstration called by the People’s Assembly. Carrying banners for “bread, freedom and social justice” and placards detailing the cases of political detainees they distributed leaflets to the marchers.

In Berlin, dozens gathered at the Egyptian Embassy, while activists in Paris organised a half-day seminar with the participation of NGOs and human rights campaigners. Meanwhile activists in New York rallied outside the Egyptian mission to the UN.

In Ireland, campaigners took to the streets of Dublin and Derry with leaflets and posters to highlight the attack on the right to protest in Egypt, and the case of detainees like Mahienour el-Masry and Alaa Abdel Fattah, recently jailed under the anti-protest legislation.

A march in Cairo timed to coincide with the day of action was brutally broken up by police and thugs with numerous arrests, including Alaa Abdel Fattah’s younger sister, Sanaa Seif.

Protesters in Derry, Ireland 21 June