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Month: June 2014


“Prison never changed an idea, revolution until victory” Mahienour defiant as appeal verdict delayed

Revolutionary socialist activist Mahienour El-Masry appeared in court to appeal a two year prison term on Saturday 28 June. The labor and human rights lawyer was sentenced along with seven others earlier this year for “breaking the protest law” by taking part in a demonstration at the trial of Khaled Said’s murderers in Alexandria last […]


For a Revolutionary Secular Democratic Sovereign and Independent Iraq

Statement by Revolutionary Marxist and Socialist Organizations in the Region. Original Arabic here Once again, Iraq is undergoing serious political and security developments. Whole sectors of the Iraqi army have withdrawn from confrontations with the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria/Levant (ISIS) and other militias. The cities of Mosul and Tikrit were captured, in addition […]


Mahienour el-Masry: Lasst uns dieses Klassensystem niederreißen!

Im Damanhour Frauengefängnis schrieb Mahienour el-Masry diesen Brief Ich habe nicht viel mitbekommen, was draußen passiert, seit ich hier einsitze und meine Haftstrafe bestätigt wurde. Wenn jemand aus unseren Reihen eingesperrt wird, kann ich mir aber gut vorstellen, dass die virtuelle Welt sehr schnell voll ist mit Slogans wie „Freiheit für Soundso“ oder „Die Mutigsten […]


First Labor Protest Under Sisi

Article by Hisham Fouad Tanta Flax and Oil Company workers protested yesterday Monday June 23rd  in front of the cabinet offices calling for the renationalization of their privatized factory and the return of the sacked workers to work. Workers carried posters saying, “this is not a special-interest protest, these are legitimate demands,” “adhering to court […]


Police, thugs violently disperse #NoProtestLaw march

21 June 2014 was the global day of solidarity with over 41,000 Egyptian detainees held between the July 3rd coup until May 2014, many of which have been convicted under an anti-protest law passed in November 2013. Prominent revolutionary activists sentenced to terms as high as 15 years in prison for protesting, include activists like Alaa Abdel […]


Solidarity activists take to the streets against Egypt’s protest law

  Solidarity activists in eight cities worldwide took to the streets to challenge repression by Egypt’s military regime as part of a day of action against the protest law. Demonstrations targeted the Egyptian embassies in Buenos Aires and Athens on Thursday and Friday. On 21 June in London, a solidarity contingent joined the 15,000 strong […]


Mahienour el-Masry writes from prison

Letter from prison by Mahienour el-Masry I don’t know much about what has happened outside since my prison sentence was confirmed, but I imagine that just as when someone else in our circles was jailed, cyberspace is filling up with slogans demanding “freedom for so-and-so” or “the bravest are in jail” and so on. But […]


Die Konterrevolution und die Massen: Was ist zu tun?

Geschrieben von: Mahmoud Ezzat Und so kamen die Präsidentschaftswahlen mit einer riesigen Wahlbeteiligung und zeigten EL-Sisi als klaren Sieger mit fast 93% der Stimmen und einer großen Freude des Volkes.” Dies ist das Scenario, das die Konterrevolution mit ihren Medien verbreiten. Die Wahrheit ist jedoch anders und viel komplizierter. Die Revolutionären müssen diesen Moment gut […]


The counter-revolution and the masses: what is to be done?

Article by Mahmoud Ezzat We have seen a massive turnout at the polls culminate in Al-Sisi’s election as president with a sweeping nearly 93 percent of the vote in the midst of massive popular celebrations This is the picture which the counter-revolution’s media machine is trying to falsely present in the newspapers and on TV […]