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Month: May 2014


Comrade Mahienour’s sentence sparks solidarity action from Brazil to Austria

  Article by Ranwa Yousif Eight days ago, comrade Mahienour el-Masry was jailed on charges of breaking the anti-protest law, She follows Ahmed Douma, Louay al-Qahwagi, Amru Hadhaq and our colleagues Alaa Abdel-Fattah and Mohamed Hosni who were sentenced on the same charge in the “Shura Council” case into El-Sisi’s prisons, as well as dozens […]


Police attack activists mobilising support for Free Mahienour campaign

Interior Ministry forces attacked a press conference in the Egyptian Centre for Economic and Social Rights in Alexandria on 22 May, arresting a number of activists and beating others. They also sexually assaulted women protesters. The detainees were held at the Alexandria Security Directorate before being released later the same day. The press conference was […]


Freedom for Mahienour – Freedom for the brave

A court in Alexandria has confirmed the sentence passed against comrade Mahienour el-Masry who was jailed for two years in connection with organising a protest at the trial of Khaled Said’s murderers. She has been transferred to Alexandria security directorate, and will be taken tomorrow to Damanhour Women’s Prison. #FreeMahienour Read more here about action […]


Secure communication

Secure communication and protecting one’s privacy are not a luxury anymore in the digital age we are living in. These two android apps are highly recommended for our comrades, both in Egypt and abroad: TextSecure and RedPhone…