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The people protect and complete their revolution

Statement by the Egyptian Revolutionary Socialists…

Waves of revolutionaries have thundered into the streets of Egypt, rejecting the shameful court rulings which have killed our martyrs for a second time, thus directing a new blow at the military council, leader of the counter revolution, and its allies. Perhaps this will remind the junta that the people will protect their revolution from those who dream of aborting it, and that the flood-tide of revolution is still rising.

However military council and the remnants of the old regime who are spread throughout the media, the judiciary, the ministry of the Interior and the state institutions try to hide their manipulations behind the cover of their false democracy, the truth shines out like the sun. The truth shines out from the false play by Mubarak’s disciple, “General Shafiq” who is trying to resurrect the old regime. Shafiq escaped trial over his role in the ‘Battle of the Camel’ and the cases of corruption at EgyptAir; he also avoided the Political Exclusion law which Parliament passed. Meanwhile we’ve seen businessmen spending hundreds of thousands on election propaganda and buying votes for him with the protection of the ‘infallible’ Electoral Commission.

The Muslim Brotherhood leaders try and push the revolutionary movement in the direction of implementing narrow and opportunistic goals, which began with their opening negotiations individually with Omar Suleiman before the downfall of Mubarak, and selling out the revolutionaries in the battles of Mohammed Mahmoud Street in order to win parliamentary seats. They attempted to dominate the Constituent Assembly, although they previously fled from all initiatives aimed at resolving the conflict with the forces of the counter-revolution (starting with the military). Today, they are fleeing from the initiative of forming a civilian presidential council to complete the goals of the revolution.

To face all of these and to other cartoon political parties which drag along at the tail of the military council, a new revolutionary wave has erupted, which will crush them all as there is no room for compromises in the hour of battle. Either we stand with the revolution and its goals to overthrow the former regime and build a regime of bread, freedom and social justice or we accept defeat despite the sacrifice of blood and eyes by the martyrs and the injured.

Therefore, the Revolutionary Socialists Movement confirms its appreciation and support for all sincere initiatives to push forward the revolution through the formation of a revolutionary front that strives to achieve the revolution’s goals and that must be built from the base in poor neighborhoods, universities, factories, trade unions and provinces.

In light of current developments we raise the following to the top of our demands:

1. The re-trial of Mubarak and the symbols of his regime (including the military council) for their crimes against the Egyptian people before and after the revolution and even today, in front of civil revolutionary courts formed by a law passed by parliament

2. We call on all revolutionary and national forces and the great Egyptian people to mobilize in the streets of Egypt to call for the application of the Political Exclusion law

3. No presidential elections until the Political Exclusion law is implemented and we call on the masses to boycott the elections if the law is not implemented.

4. We emphasize the importance of the formation of a civilian presidential council to lead the revolutionary front towards completing the revolution.

5. The return of the people’s looted money from the corrupt men of the Mubarak regime, who are funding Shafiq, such as Ahmed Ezz, Farid Khamis, and Abu-al-Ainain and others, and the confiscation of their companies and their wealth for the benefit of the people.

6. The recovery and returning to the state of companies and banks that were privatized in suspicious transactions.

7. The setting of a minimum wage and minimum pension of at least 1500 LE and a maximum wage of no more than ten times the minimum.

Glory to the martyrs! Victory to the revolution! All power and wealth to the people.