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Declaration of Revolutionary Forces

Statement from the Egyptian Revolutionary Socialists…

Today’s verdict in the case of Mubarak, his sons, the Interior Minister and the leadership of the Interior Ministry constitutes the final episode in the series of attempts to abort the revolution, orchestrated by the creativity of the counterrevolutionary leadership as represented by the Military Council.

The issued verdict of innocence for al Adly’s aides and associates, and the indirect exoneration of Mubarak and al Adly as a consequence, is the final nail in the coffin of this corrupt judicial institution, which has resisted purging like other state institutions. This ruling is a true expression of the degree of fraud and disgrace that has stricken the presidential elections process in its entirety, both directly and indirectly, a result of the management by the corrupt judiciary. It is this which has formed the indisputable certainty among all of the revolutionary political groups that any electoral claim which will be presided over by this institution will lead to nothing but a reproduction of Mubarak’s regime in terms of despotism, oppression, corruption and exploitation.

For this reason, it is incumbent upon us to stand together, to take a stance that will return the revolution to its healthy course; to reclaim for the martyrs the right of the blood that was spilled for the sake of the liberation and elevation of this nation; to stand in full force against the relentless attempts by the military to abort our revolution.

To this end, all of the revolutionary forces undersigned demand the application of the Political Elimination Law to Lieutenant General Ahmed Shafiq immediately and instantly, and a halt to the runoff procedures for the presidential elections scheduled for June 16 and 17 until the following are implemented:

1) The formation of a revolutionary court possessing all powers enabling it to prosecute the symbols of the former regime, including Lieutenant General Shafiq, by way of extraordinary laws holding them to account for the political crimes that they committed against the rights of this nation. These laws shall be issued by Parliament which shall oversee their implementation and operation.

2) The termination of the General Prosecutor Abd el Megid Mahmoud, holding him to account for the crimes committed by the General Prosecution in the defacing and destruction of evidence in the indictments, removing all substance from the lawsuits and granting to the criminals proof of their innocence.

3) The reopening and investigation of all the private lawsuits in the murders of demonstrators by a tribunal operating under the supervision of the revolutionary court, in particular those of the massacres at Port Said and Maspero, and the recent events at Abbasiyya.

And finally, all of the groups undersigned put out two calls of utmost importance:

Firstly, we call upon Hamdeen Sabbahi and Doctor Abd el Moneim Abu el Futouh to recognize the necessity to pause in the face of their historic responsibility before the citizens and before the nation. We call upon them to hold a joint meeting to seek various ways to apply pressure toward the implementation of the demands agreed upon by the revolutionary forces in this declaration, in addition to investigating how to manage the remainder of the transitional phase and direct public pressure to achieve the above listed demands leading to a new elections process far from the oversight of the military.

Secondly, we issue a call to the masses of the Egyptian people to rally in a million march demonstration on Tuesday, June 5 at 5 p.m. in Tahrir Square under the slogan “Do Not Waste the Blood of the Martyrs – We Demand a Revolutionary Tribunal.”

The rising up of the masses once again to preserve their revolution is the strongest proof of the greatness of the people and our ability to complete the tasks of our revolution, whatever the cost or sacrifice. This rising of the masses is what brings back the inherent legitimacy of the squares in determining the path of revolutionary process.

Victory to the revolution. Glory to the martyrs.

The Revolutionary Socialists
Youth for Justice and Freedom
April 6 Youth (The Democratic Front)
The National Front for Justice and Democracy
The Popular Socialist Alliance Party
The Egyptian Current Party
Our Rights Movement