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Together for the victory of women and the revolution!

Statement by the Egyptian Revolutionary Socialists…

Throughout the first year after the revolution, Egyptian women and girls have played an unprecedented role in the struggle for national freedom: they have joined the ranks of the martyrs and injured; have lost their children and husbands or have seen them injured and blinded. They have been comrades in the occupations of the squares; participants in the strikes in the factories and in the trade unions; leaders of demonstrations; doctors and paramedics in the ‘field hospitals’, serving the wounded demonstrators. They have been journalists and media workers, keeping the embers of the revolution alight, and fighters in the front ranks of the clashes, facing bullets, beatings and ‘virginity tests’ at the hands of the criminals.

There is no question that Egyptian women have rediscovered themselves and their own strength, confirming that whoever violates women’s rights violates the rights of the nation as a whole. Whoever imprisons women is trying to imprison the people and the revolution, and that women’s liberation will only be achieved through the liberation of society from exploitation and from the exploiters. We have seen tens of thousands chanting “Daughters of Egypt are a red line!” in the face of the cowards [from the military who attacked them] whom we will not allow a secure exit before we avenge blood and honor.

In light of the deals we are witnessing between the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces, the remnants of the old regime, and the Islamist parties which have the parliamentary majority to ensure that the President and the Constitution will protect their interests, this increases the burden of responsibility on Egyptian women in celebrating the struggle of world women (International Women’s Day on March 8), for the sake of political, social and economic rights.

Today more than ever, we need to unify the efforts of Egyptian women, who make up around a third of industrial workers, and half of state employees, in a revolutionary movement to confront attempts to steal the revolution and women’s rights. We need a movement that is active in the factory and on the university campus; in the trade unions; in the streets, and one which can go from door-to-door. Egyptian women’s success in winning their rights depends on the success of the revolution in achieving its goals.

So, Egyptian women unite in order to bring down the remnants of the Mubarak regime and his military council! Unite for bread, freedom, human dignity and social justice and for women’s rights in the face of those who would deny them! Fight for:

Complete equality between men and women in all wages, allowances and bonuses
Increased penalties for sexual harassment and all forms of oppression and discrimination
Restoration of rights to maternity leave and the provision of a nursery at all workplaces employing more than fifty people
An increased budget for healthcare and education for women
Changing the personal status laws [governing marriage, divorce etc.] to ensure women’s rights

Long lives the struggle of Egyptian women! Victory to the revolution! Power and wealth to the people!