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Military repression will not intimidate us

Statement by the Egyptian Revolutionary Socialists…

In the latest episode of the campaign of repression and smears against the revolutionary movements, many media outlets have recently been circulating inaccurate information about the questioning of three members of the Revolutionary Socialists. We confirm that until now, no member of the group has received official summons to appear before the military prosecutors, who, according to statements from the Head of the Military Judicial Authority, are supposed to have permanently ended the practice of trying civilians before military courts.

This media campaign and the threat of military trials are part of a consistent campaign against the Revolutionary Socialists, which has been ongoing for over two months by the military council, the Muslim Brotherhood and the state media. In addition to disinformation, this campaign has involved the arrest and beating of a number of student members of the RS, and the arrest of worker activist Kamal al-Fayoumi who was held for 48 hours by security forces, before he was taken to the Mahalla Police Station. During this time, the media spewed a list of accusations against him, only to find out later that al-Fayoumi was never accused in the first place.

The Revolutionary Socialists would like to confirm that the media campaign, which carries with it the threats of trumped-up charges, is part of the on-going attacks on the opponents of the military council, and part of efforts to silence their political critics who exposed the crimes they have committed against the Egyptian people from the moment the military council took office. This escalation cannot be viewed in isolation from the desire of the military council to mobilize public opinion against the revolutionaries and the revolutionary forces, in order to draw attention away from its own capitulation to American pressure after it made a great deal of noise about how Egyptian sovereignty would bow to no-one.

The threat to refer some members of the RS movement to the military prosecutor, or even the carrying out of this threat, will not deter the Revolutionary Socialists from completing their struggle for the victory of the revolution and the liberation of Egypt from the tyranny of the military and their allies.

Glory to the martyrs! Victory to the revolution! Power and wealth to the people!