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In defense of the Ultras: Their message and our response

Statement by the Egyptian Revolutionary Socialists…

What was the intended message of the crime committed against the Ahly Ultras that killed more than 70 martyrs? Was it to punish the forces and groups that participated in the revolution and still continue to oppose the SCAF? Or was this crime, which occurred on the anniversary of the “Battle of the Camel”, meant to confirm that those responsible for that battle still have their influence and power and can commit new crimes? Was the intended message of this crime, which was committed just days after state of emergency was lifted, to say that there will be no security without the iron fist of the emergency laws? Or was the aim to raise the spectre of chaos and the burning of Egypt after the forces of the revolution succeeded in protecting the reputation of the revolution, revealing the falsity of these scenarios?

Whatever the intended message of this crime, the revolutionary forces’ reply was loud and clear, we said: “No”. Crimes committed against the revolutionary forces will not stop the revolution and will not intimidate the revolutionaries. The leaders behind the “Battle of the Camel” who are protected by the military council will not succeed. They will fail miserably just as they failed the first time, and they will take the military regime down with them the same abyss that they took the Mubarak regime. The state of emergency that did not protect Mubarak from the revolution will not protect Field Marshal Tantawi either.

The poorly-hatched plot that failed to conceal the shameless complicity of the police, who stood watching the slaughter and killing for hours and did not attempt to protect the victims, carries only one message to the revolutionaries: the revolution must continue and achieve its goals by eliminating the regime established by Mubarak, which has at its core his military and supreme council that protected and still protects him.

The Ultras [football fans] groups that joined the ranks of the revolution early on, and fought among the revolutionaries proved and are still proving every day that they are an integral part of our revolution. The Ultras originated in Egypt as a reaction to the dominance of the policy of profit and greed of capitalism over football; the turning of soccer into a marketplace of advertising; the rising ticket prices and the monopoly over broadcasting matches as well as the brutality of the security forces.

Thus arose the Egyptian Ultras groups, like all movements that originated in Egypt in response to tyranny and exploitation. It was no surprise that the Ultras groups found their place in the heart of the Egyptian revolution in search of freedom and justice, and that they have made all the sacrifices incurred by the forces of our militant revolution, rejecting the military council’s looting of the revolution and their re-building a system of oppression and exploitation.

The crime that took place on the anniversary of the “Battle of the Camel” is nothing but a new attempt to undermine the forces of the revolution after the failed policy of defamation, oppression and terrorism to dissuade the revolutionaries from their revolt. And the Revolutionary Socialists as well as Ultras stand against this crime. All the struggling revolutionary forces are invited to come together and stand united against attempts to undermine the revolution. The first of our demands include revealing the Port Said Stadium plot; the punishment of its perpetrators and those who failed to respond to it.

Long live the Ultras; a fighting faction among the revolutionaries. Glory to the martyrs, victory to the revolution and shame on the criminals.