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Down with terrorism, down with sectarianism, down with tyranny!

Statement by the Revolutionary Socialists The abhorrent crime that took the lives of 24 Copts, mostly women and children, shows the criminal and sectarian nature of the terrorist groups who have always targeted Copts and religious minorities. This attack also reveals the indifference of the authorities and their security forces towards the safety of the […]


Statement by the Revolutionary Socialists: On terrorism and closing the nation’s ranks

Statement by the Revolutionary Socialists 19 July 2015 Perhaps the reactions to the latest wave of terrorist operations, and in particular those targeting army positions in Sinai, have confirmed the scale of crisis in the ranks of the Egyptian opposition. The regime’s response was clear and forthright: the wholesale adoption of exceptional laws in order […]


Haitham Mohamedain: Letters to the revolutionary youth (1)

Article by Haitham Mohamedain (part 1) Letter 1: Terrorism or the anger of the masses? In the context of escalating terrorism by the state against all who demand freedom and social justice in the form of massacres, arrests, smashing demonstrations, pardoning criminals, and wholesale killings, it was noticeable that some of the youth reacted to […]